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French-Spanish Lessons for adults

Would you like to learn French or Spanish

in a lively way with a qualified native teacher

and go to cultural outings ?

Enjoy French - Spanish  with me !

Develop your language skills in conversation to make yourself understood in everyday situations.


Learn French - Spanish grammar through oral and written exercises to express yourself fluently and freely.


Enjoy French - Spanish classes speaking about your interests and your life in Geneva.


All levels - For adults only 

In solo, duo, trio or with your own group of friends.


Solo – Duo – Trio  

In private at your or my home     

In a class room in Carouge or online

One hour or 90 minutes - Flexitime


Small group 4-6 people - With your own group of friends

In a class room in Carouge

90 minutes - Flexitime

Cultural outings in Geneva with a French - Spanish conversation class

Once or twice a month, I will propose you an outing to a cultural event in French (exhibition, cinema, theatre, restaurant, etc.) followed by one hour of French conversation about the event to help your mastery of French.

Rates 2023

Special rates for students 

Private class

CHF 60.00/

60 minutes

Duo class

CHF 40.00/60 min.

Per person 

Trio class

CHF 30.00/ 90 min.

Per person

Small group class

CHF 20.oo/ 90 min.

Per person

Private class

CHF 100.00 / 60 minutes

Duo class

CHF 70.00 / 60 minutes

 Per person

Trio class

CHF 50.00 / 90 minutes

Per person

Small group class

CHF 40.00 / 90 minutes

Per person

My biography

Born in Geneva in 1967, binational (Swiss-Spanish), speaking five languages, I am an experienced teacher and a multi-faceted pianist.

My wide interests have driven me to obtain several Masters of Arts (piano performance-Basel) and Pedagogy (instrumental pedagogy) and among them the Master of Arts in Secondary Education at the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Enseignants and in Musicology with Pr. Brenno Boccadoro at the Faculty of Humanities, Geneva University.

I have been teaching Spanish at the Geneva Business School, both written and oral classes, from 2020 to 2021.

I also delivered French as Foreign Language (FFL) classes to migrants at the Croix-Rouge from 2018 to 2020 and

I have regularly followed several trainings in FFL at the Croix-Rouge and at the Geneva University.

I am also teaching the piano in private and from 2018 to 2021 at The International School of Geneva.

In addition, I was also elected assessor judge in January 2018 and I sit on the juvenile court (Tribunal pénal des mineurs) in Geneva.

I love teaching and learning, travelling, meeting new people, speaking and sharing my knowledge with others. I really enjoy music, cinema, theatre, architecture, art exhibitions, reading, psychology, animals and nature.

If you are interested I would be pleased to meet you !


Private classes

My classroom in Galerie Tunnel

or in a Café

Collectiv classes

Galerie Tunnel

1st floor Imprimerie Frings
rue du Tunnel, 7
1227 Carouge GE, Suisse

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